The beginning of a new semester and I am ready to learn more about design. I am inspired by the work of others (check out the Journals page). I’m excited about the newest season of Ellen’s Design Challenge. I think I have decided where I want to go to finish my degree: SCAD.

SCAD stands for the Savannah College of Art and Design. They are considered one of the best, if not THE best design school in the country. I think my local college has served me pretty well for the first two years of school and, economically, it was imperative that I stay local to keep my costs down. SCAD will cost me about ten times what I have been paying, but I think the opportunities they offer more than make up for that cost difference. If I get accepted, I will have access to materials and supplies and a fantastic faculty, not to mention, other top notch creative types to with which to collaborate. The internships and industry connections are phenomenal. Alumni benefits are amazing as well.

I have dreamed for a long time of interning for a greeting card company and SCAD just happens to be hosting an event in February where potential internees can meet with representatives from Hallmark. I wish I were ready now! I’m not, but I know I want to attend a school that can procure that sort of opportunity for me.

So, what will the year 2016 be about? 

Design technology is ever evolving. The changes come rapidly and it can feel daunting to even begin to understand, let alone, master. But there’s lot of opportunity, as well. The freelance sites, like Upwork and Guru, plus the ability to use Adobe in the cloud, is helping people such as myself to begin to get their feet wet in the design industry. I hope this aspect does not change.

A new thing being launched by Google is quite interesting to me. It’s called Material Design. I’ve been following it over the past year and it has been an invaluable tutorial for me in learning the basic tenets of good design.