A different approach to the greeting card

There’s a new game in town:the greeting card kiosk. Think Redbox for greeting cards. The company is called Card Isle and was started by three guys going through a business program at Virginia Tech. So far there are just a few locations, mostly in one area of Virginia, but I expect the idea will take hold. Here’s why.

Nearly 50 percent of people nowadays use their phone or pad for all their online activity. These people probably don’t own a printer and are not going to take the time to use Shutterfly or Tiny Prints to buy a one-time card for a friend’s birthday. But this consumer is used to personalization and wants an alternative to the card they can pick up at drug or grocery store. So, they go to the Card Isle kiosk conveniently located near the grocery store and they pick out a unique design from one of hundreds of talented free-lance graphic artists. They can then choose exactly what they want the card to say and print it right then and there. It won’t be cheesy and cheap and it won’t cost them $10.

Check it out below.